Picture this: Moments of Hope

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Some of those words are people’s perceptions, opinions, and inspirations from what they see in the picture that moment they laid eyes on it. But what they do not see is what happened prior to the picture being taken, the moments right before or even the […]

Parent, Teacher or Therapist: Which hat to wear?

Many Hats

I love hats. They cover my “bad hair days”. They can accentuate an outfit; they are often the perfect accessory to a bland wardrobe and block the sun, protecting the body from getting burned. They also come in many styles; you have your top hot, sun hat, baseball cap, church hat, and many others.  I […]

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Who? What? Where? When? Why?… These questions raise nightmares for children with Autism. Their brains struggle to process how to respond to each of them with the correct, grammatical, socially appropriate response. Even more so, parents and caregivers struggle with these questions as well. Questions like“Who is going to help me? What do I do? […]