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You love your child. God does too.

Dei’s Care Consulting Services is a Behavioral Health agency located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Our mission  to provide both biblically-based and clinically sound behavioral health services to children with neurological disorders. We accomplish this mission through biblical consultation and clinical treatment. 

Every resource, treatment and professional opinion that we provide is grounded in both clinical expertise as well as bible based, christ-centric, person-centered care.

We accomplish our mission through the following means:



Our consulting service offers feedback and clinical opinions that address the needs of every child our agency comes in contact with.This includes providing resources, directing families to appropriate agencies, counselors and therapists and offering biblical responses to specific behavioral situations.

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Treatment planning services encompasses the development of behavior plans for special needs children and their families for home, school, church or community settings. Our treatment plans include both clinical as well as biblical responses not only for the diagnosed child but for caregivers as well.

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Our workshops and trainings offer opportunities for larger audiences and organizations to receive information and special needs support in a compassionate, clinical and faith filled environment. Tailored to fit every audience, our offerings can be molded to fit your organizations needs.

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